When we find a blank place on the wall and decide that something is needed to look for searching (now in the present times, most often on the Internet), which could find there. We have a choice of many options. From ready-made images and frames that can be purchased in stores with interior furnishings for small and larger artists, selling their art locally and using the Internet. Finally, we get to colorful inspirations with foto. Spreading originality and a timeless form photo and the fact that we can choose my own picture and change it in the picture, we start to wonder what photo to choose?

We have thousands of them. In a computer, in a cloud, on a pendrive phone and in many other places. A problem appears - Does it need to be madeIs it from the phone too? Quality must haveso that the final effect "Beloved with legs"? Is this specific one's foto?

1. Brightness and focus

Ideally, if The photo was technically done well. It will give us certainty that when it is printed on fotoimage, it will be impeccably. What does this do technically have a photo? First It is worth paying attention to the brightness. Delicate patches are possible, but photos thataboutRe are overexposed, they may not call the effect about which we wanted. They will feel the impression of pale andaboutgnogenic coloraboutIn and their vivid saturation simply will not occur. Analogous to pictures that are too dark. It's hard to see what's going on. When they wrote on the wall, instead of the "Wow effect" we will get poor paintings. We also reject photos of blurry and out of focus. Each distortion, of course, apart from the intended effect, will affect the final appearance of photo.

2. From the phone or the camera

Not always in "these" most important moments we have a camera. Typically, the best photos, mines, shots are saved with a camera from our phone. Fortunately, technology went forward. Currently, it does not matter if the photos were made with a phone or telephone. Our phones are equipped with great cameras. Almost every telephone, after 2017, makes pictures with a huge optical resolution that does not differ from the camera from the camera. It's amazing!This allows you to create photos both photos from your phone and from the camera. This is good news for you and for us. Maybe time to review the phone in search of photos that can be found on your wall in the form of photo and make the interiors more special?

3. size

If we want to determine Minimal photo sizefrom whichEgo we will create a photo, it will be 20px / 1cm image , i.e. 2000px for 100 cm on a given side. themgels do not have distortions, you canEmy print foto pictureSize offered. That's why you do not have to worry too much. However, if you continue You are not sure Is from your photo creating a clear photo, You can contact us. We will check the photo and say whether it will be.

Of course They do not have to be photos from your computer. When placing an order you can choose a photo from the Base Base available with us stock photo Premium Photos. To do this, in the selected photo format, click: Customize - Submit an image - Premium Photos. Added graphics also shows where the Premium Photos database is on the site. It is an ideal solution for those who are looking for, eg images for interiors and do not want to create them from their own. Thanks to Premium Photos, you gain access to millions of photos that are ideally suited to make a photo picture. It is worth starting now because there are really many photos for review. And if you like our pictorial inspirations, they can decorate and your interiors. Just ...

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