Internet purchases do not give us the possibility of seeing and touching the product live in front of its purchase. Most often we have only photos at auction or video time. We can not take a picture and watch it. So you have to think about it, whether it is on this specific page to buy the product on which it depends on. In addition, it makes it difficult when a similar product offers many companies. However, is the same quality? Is the lower price always more beneficial? So what to do to spend money, buy the best product? There are some indicators worth paying attention. Think about them during shopping and you will increase your chance to satisfy when the courier will deliver the parcel. We are aware that this is not a simple task, which is why in this article we will tell you what to follow, choosing a foto.



Quality of used materials

What materials were used For photo production is very important for the final effect. The main goal is so that foto picture on a canvas presented phenomenally and enjoyed our eyes. Imagine that you get foto, which, yes, looks nice at first glance, but after a look, there is a curve. This is an extreme example For the best effect, pay attention to:

  • The canvas on which printed is foto pictureit's important that this canvas is weave, like real painting canvas. In the end, when deciding on photo in the form of photo. We want to get the effect as close as possible to the painting picture. Many companies offer a printout on the material that call "Canvas" often Unfortunately, being a banner or something like paper foil than a canvas. On such a material We will not get a photo similar to a real painting picture. In the gallery, we print on canvas, Which is Woven and primed Just like real painting canvas.
  • Pine loom - are Better choice than MDF frame because Pine is stiffer. Wooden loom It must permanently maintain the stretched canvas for many years, because It's important to be durable. Additionally Canvas is not permanently sewn with loom. This allows Modify the tension of the canvas and eliminate the wrinkles. Furthermore, Wooden elements have a FSC certificate in Gallery. This means that wood used for the production of Krosien comes only from forests with FSC certificate. His acquisition does not violate biological riches and forest structure.
  • Pendants and steel elementsThere are stainless steel in the gallery What eliminates the problem, eg that the canvas will be loosened at the staple place that will fall apart by rust. It is worth paying attention to this because thanks to this We do not have to worry about also for Wall on which the foto will be dirty By a rusty pendant or staples. Like a small thing, however, definitely It affects whether the foto will remain the same quality over the years.

The possibility of choosing between photo formats

Rather In most shops there is a large selection Between photo formats. This is a very positive issue because in this way You can get a picture that suits your idea. The problem arises if you have Custom idea for foto picture. It is worth taking a moment and Animate yourself if the selected company is open to photo printing in other sizes than those that are visible on the page. If you want to create your image In Gallart, in custom dimensionsPlease contact us, and we will definitely find a solution.

Ink used to print

First The case associated with the type of ink used to print photos on images Color reproduction. One of The best inks for printing images on canvas is water pigment ink. Pigment gives photographic quality and incomparable color durability. Especially those related to photography or graphics will appreciate the fact that The colors fully agree with those on the computer thanks to the use Dedicated ICC profiles. In Gallart, we guarantee that the colors will remain alive up to 100 years. We will improve your image if you change colors.

Another thing is ink type. We want you WORK BEFORE PHOTO PROVIDED WITH LATEX FARB, EKO-SOLWENT. Such a printing works for the production of advertising banners, outside, not to photo. They emit volatile relationships that are very harmful to our health. Due to the fact that fotoobrazing in closed rooms where we are staying on a daily basis, it is worth taking a look at it. We do not recommend that especially children have contact With this type of print.

Machine tension canvas

Why is this important? Machine tension canvas gives possibility A thorough and even tension of the canvas on a wooden frame. Thanks to this Foto is equal to the surface. Often The canvas is stretched simultaneously on the entire edge. It may cause that in some places it will be tense a bit weaker. A definitely effective method is Tension of the material after 20 cm. Then we have a shorter area to stretch, which makes it The tension is more accurate. In Gallart, the whole process is performed manually with the help of a machine tension which makes Images are made very accuratelyand any Errors eliminated right away. Even if the image has been made perfectly, something may, for example, to be placed on it. In this way, the canvas will stretch and will not have an even surface. Ordering Foto picture in a gallery in a set you will receive Special pegs that improve the tension of the canvas What minimizes the risk of ruffles.

Photo finish

When you unpack your foto, probably in the first place your attention will return it as a picture came out. Later you will start to look at the details. We are aware that Paying for the service you want to get a productwhich will be beautifully presented. Important All bends were aesthetic, vivid colors and there were no damage. We use pigment ink in the gallast giving photographic quality. Unfortunately it is not resistant to damage. Can be chosen Protection of the image with varnish (varnish)who will make Foto will be a wood-proof and resistant to mechanical damage. In this way you will gain a product that It will remain unchanged for years. All bends are performed manuallySo very exactly. We eliminate in this way Mass Mechanical Production Errorsand you get A guarantee of solid performance.

Quality control

As a customer you are not able to check whether and how products are passing quality control. Quality control is important because Eliminates production errors And allows you to sell only full-value products. We also do not know how it looks in other places but we can describe how it looks in gallarcie. The order passes control in three stages:

1. When preparing for printing - Your The photo is checked at an angle brightness, fitting to workspace, focus and other. All Errors are corrected And the picture is transferred to print.

2. After print - our employee Watching a printout for quality, color reproduction and reports possible patches So that the foto is to be created, he presented himself perfectly.

3. Before sending - at this stage We catch any errors created when applying canvas on Krosno and we watch the whole image. When everything is fine, We ship ready foto picture you.

Such The control system allows U.S Minimize the risk of producing a faulty product. However, like every man We can make a mistakeTherefore, in such situations We give you 30 days to exchange or return the product at our expense.

Expert consulting

Although the order takes place via the Internet, IMPORTANT ONLY received a telephone help When you encounter any problem. It's important that the phone She received a person who will be kind, knowing and find a solution. The most common questions Before placing the order they are related to the choice and possible adjustment of the photo to foto. In Gallart, we offer free photo correction. We can, for example, to remove, brighten, darken and many more. We will try to Your foto was like you like. Good contact is also important, When you want to ask something or return the product. In these situations We will advise the best solution.

Safe transaction

This is the last but very important issue. I do not have to explain anyone in the present times as important is Protection of sensitive data. It's important to The payment system ensured the security of financial transactions both on the client's side and store. Gallery You can make a secure payment Through The portal is under the supervision of the KNF That's why you do not have to be afraid, using our services. The payment website is encrypted and the transmitted data is confidential. In this way you have absolute confidencethat You connect to our store safely.


As you can see Several aspects on which ones It's worth paying attention when choosing your own photo. We hope that The article brightened you little What to do when buying a photo picture. Now You have the opportunity to make a conscious purchase and get a productfrom which you will be pleased.

We invite you to create your own photo on canvas in our store. To work!