In recent times, the wall galleries, otherwise the puzzle became a very fashionable touch of interior design. Diverse shapes, sizes and patterns challenge our attention and become an effective element of our interior. Our eyes attract different colors and skillfully matched patterns that connected together in one space give an amazing effect. We love to observe programs on television regarding interior design and browse interior warehouses. Our eyes enjoy surprising connections and interesting compositions. However, when there comes to arranging your own interior there is a problem. How to make it and our wall gallery enjoyed our eyes and added the interior of a stylish accent? How to choose paintings so that the compositions matches themselves but at the same time enjoyed the eyes of the diversity of shapes? How to make the composition be consistent and in good taste? Is it enough to just take a few pictures, stick nails and hang them on the wall? If you ask any of the above questions, we are in a hurry with the answer.

We will start with this What is a wall gallery? This A set of images about different shapes and patterns, connected with each other in a skilful way (matched with style, theme, colors, etc.) and hanged on the wall. Therefore, creating a wall gallery It is worth considering even a few things:

    1. In which room is to hang a gallery
    2. Which is to have size
    3. What its motif is to be
    4. What sizes have selected images
    5. In which the compositions will be hanged on the wall.

Selection of the room it is important because they will determine this subject What are we going to our gallery. Each room has a limited space. Let's look at our interior and find a piece of wallIn which we want to hang the puzzle. We face her size To know how much space we have to be developed. Then the time comes Selection of the guiding theme. Maybe you have your favorite music, a hobby or a character that can become the leitmotif of the gallery. If not, you should look for inspiration on the internet. We suggest that:

    • For the kitchen Different quotes are great in the cooking theme, pictures of ready-made dishes, coffee, tea, fruit, vegetables and spices.
    • Flowers are Universal motifWhich will fit properly to any room.
    • To the living room We can choose different plants, views from various corners of the world, animals, patterns, painting works or drawings.
    • Bedroom This is a rest place, let's put on a calm, delicate patterns or image with your favorite view. Family pictures will also work well if someone likes artistic acts.
    • Wall gallery is a very good idea for the development of space on staircase. If we like to take pictures and our computer breaks into seams from photos, it's worth considering the idea of ​​making a wall gallery on the stairs. From now on, passing through the favorite images will return to you memories of great moments.
    • Children's room and a teenager It is also a great space for wall galleries. For a baby It is worth choosing images about contrasting colors to support its development, and teenager You will certainly enjoy your favorite photos from trips or your friends. If he has a passion, we can change it into a wall gallery, ordering a photo and whose leitmotif will be interested in our child.
    • Bathroom This is a great place for climatic images like a spa, relaxation or views of a beautiful beach.
    • To the office Wall galleries with motivation quotes, beautiful views, which for a moment will relax or various patterns for a moment. Painting and drawing works of art are also an interesting idea. We can also hang favorite, family photos that will make us spent at work.
Once we choose theme and images, and we know what space we have to be developed, we can go to the next issue. Let's think What sizes of images choose and in which compositions hang on the wall. Below We present several layoutsYou can choose to create a puzzle to your interior.
    • A small gallery
      • Average gallery
          • Big Gallery

          He remains to hang a puzzle on the wall. We advise How to do it for all pictures hung at equal distances and in the best layout For our interior.

            1. First, spread a brown sheet of paper on the floor.
            2. Imagine that this sheet is your wall and start the paintings on it.
            3. Once you arrange a composition, make her photo by phone. Each change will be shell in the picture and finally select this layout that you like the most.
            4. Then carefully cut the pencil with each shape of the image on paper.
            5. Remove the images and draw dots into places that will be attached.
            6. Place the sheet to the wall, protect the tape to do not move and attach the handles into the walls of the dots on the wall.
            7. Finally, you'll tell all images and ready.
          your Wall gallery is already finished. As you can see, you have to go through a few steps, but The final effect is definitely worth it. We present below Several ready-made foto detailsyou can order. We invite you to watch and create your own wall galleries with our foto picture canvas.