Each of us has its own favorite colors. Whoever you like can be seen when we see, for example, to the cabinet. Gray, beige, black, or maybe mustard or red? Unless it is difficult to guide your own taste if you buy clothes, this is how the interior design is a big challenge. In the end, we choose colors that will usually surround us for several years. We want to feel good spending time in your own home. In this article, we will help you to know what colors you like and what to do to make the interior in your home are consistent.

When you start thinking about how your dream interior looks like, it's worth starting from yourself. Your taste is very important. It will make the furnished interior, you will be consistent with what you like. Do you like to spend time in bright rooms, do you really feel good in charismatic interiors with expressive colors?

  • Close your eyes and remind yourself Farming families, a favorite restaurant, inspiration in interior design stores, colors that you liked most and that could be in your interior.
  • Start Browse websites And save the pictures you want in the folder.
  • You can also withTurn samples of paints and materials.

This is all a orientative picture To what direction to aim. With a database of inspiration, you will see what is repeating and what to reject. You can also pre-arrange the colors next to each other and check if they look good together. A good idea is Finding on the Internet Colors wheel.

Time for a short art lesson.

  • Colors in the wheel opposite each other It is called complementary. Their connection is surprising but they match each other. This is, for example, with yellow and blue.
  • Colors next to each other They are analogous or related. In this case, we connect with each other, e.g. yellow, orange and red.
  • You can Try to create your own 3 colors Combining the triad with each other: yellow, blue and red. These are basic colors that you do not get to stir other.
  • if you have Favorite one color, you can choose his 3 shades.
  • White and black there are darken or lighten the other colory.
Let's look at the popular colors that we most often choose our interiors. These are usually neutral colors, such as white, beige and gray. Other colors serve as accents.

    White Interiors:

    Pure white gives the impression of sterility and cold, which are opposing coants. If we enrich it for other color accents, we will gain a beautiful, classic space.

    • White, gray and bottled green
    If we like green color, we can paint the living room wall, put a gray sofa, place the cushions in a bottled green color and on the sofa hang a photo and in shades of pillows.

    • White, roses, gold, silver and violet
    Powder shades of pink with purple have greatly compose with delicate, gold and silver elements like a chair frame or a table, such interiors are ideal for people looking for elegance
    • White, Red, Orange and Yellow

    These are very fashionable colors in the last season. Fashion changes, that's why these colors can be inserted into the interior in the form of photo-colored bedding or pillows. In this way, we have a fashionable interior that we can change at any time


    An ideal solution for looking for a universal wiring color for the whole apartment. Gray can be combined with the majority of colors. It can be a secure option and also combine with live colors. It looks great with mustard, orange, navy blue as well as darker shades of gray.


    A great solution for people who like classics and elegance. However, one must remember that warm shades of beige combine, for example, with warm shades of gray and cold with cold shades. Important To preserve the same tone. Beige will be an ideal background for natural wood. You can also add contrasting colors, which will add the character of the interior.

    Inspirations for non-standard color connections


    Pomegranate, bottled green and mustard

    Green and pink

    Blue and red

    We hope that you liked our proposals for color sets and will be helpful when planning decor. Welcome to our online store, where you can order a photo-based on canvas that make your interiors make.