By becoming a challenge for arranging a room for a child, we often collide with a thousand ideas. In my head, parental, ideal ideas about peace and expectations come across and what is best for the development of our smallest. We are completely different to design a room for a baby and just differently for a pupil and a teenager. Although teenagers will certainly deal with themselves. But whether a little girl must have a pink room and a blue boy? Was trying to design a fashionable room for a child or does not only look nice, and be also functional?

Consider what task in the life of a child should meet peace? First of all, children have other needs at different stages. What elements should be found in it so that the child wanted to stay in it and to make good conditions for development?

The smallest room

In an ideal baby room there will be a cot, changing table and an armchair in which young parents will look after a child. Maluszek needs a safe space, in which He will have friendly conditions for development. In the first weeks there is no developed sense of eyesight, so contrasting colors of toys and additives will facilitate the initial meeting of the world. Gradually, it will gradually be interested in various invoices and shapes. Do not forget about the device's soft corner where you can practice the turnover and look around. On the floor patterned carpet and on about pictures with animals and various shapes. They will work perfectly FotoMooms on which we can put images of various animals And hang them on different walls. To slightly personalize the appearance of the room you can hang Foto picture newborn baby. This will be Exceptional decoration and a great souvenir The first weeks of the child's life.

Perfect room for development

The perfect room for a child is one of which will not want to leave. Children are bored quickly so you can think about whether you can choose one theme or surround them with various animals, colors, characters from fairy tales. They will be able to show them and call different elements. Huge map will not only be an interesting room decoration but also An opportunity to show the child what the world looks like. If we care about an unusual form, which will be reliable and resistant to damage outside the aesthetic values, You can create a foto foto. Such a map will certainly stay with us for years. An interesting idea for a children's room is to paint a fragment or whole wall with a chalk paint. It will become a plaque and using chalks, we paint on it, alphabet, shapes and what will come to our head. We can also put FotoOther with different parts of the world on the walls. Talking about them: what kind of place, give his capital, favorite dishes, and together, invent adventures that can be experienced in it. Although most of the time children spend on the floor, they will be happy with the corner with a table and chairs. They will be able to sit down and in a convenient position, for example, scratch. In addition, this is important for their body attitudes. The greater the diversity of items in the game, the better.


Over time, children are becoming more and more busy. There is a problem how to create a safe space in which they can do everything that comes to mind? It all depends on how much space we have to develop. A lot of places to run and discharge energy whose children are not lacking, they will certainly be pleased. If the child's room is small, you can limit the number of furniture and at the two children consider bunk bed. You can mount a swing that does not take a lot of space and children will be very pleased. When places in the room are a lot, we can insert a bed of a house. From time to time, we arrange a hammock on its beams. Who would not like to have a hammock room? A good idea is a carpet, because children spend a lot of time on the floor and we do not want to be cold.

To Personalize the interior we can hang in it photo with photos of children. We do not have to limit ourselves to one photo but create a foto picture a few. Child I will feel exceptionally when in a foto, you will turn your drawings made by him. Such a gallery will cause a smile not only on children's faces.

A space for rest

There is no baby room without bed. In addition to the space for fun and learning, there is a place where youth toddlers around the day of impressions. A bed for a children's room can have different shapes. From the standard 90x190cm can be a car, maybe bunk, on mezzanine or popular bed lately. Here, it depends on how many places in the room and what we like. It is worth taking care of the lamp, which the child will light up near the bed when he does not like to sleep at the extinguished light. It will also come to parents when they want to look at the child and do not awaken it including the upper light. When there is more than one child in the room, you can hang over the beds Foto Defizers with children's names. Certainly It will end to quarrels about which the bed is whose And give children the feeling that a piece of space only for himself has a piece of space.

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