Each guy who has received an invitation to the wedding, with time it starts to wonder what gift a young couple in the most important day for them. Many instead of flowers choose wine, lottery vouchers or simply hands an envelope with money. However, if we are closer to the future young state, we want to give them something special to them, which will surprise them and stay with them for many years. A question arises, what will be the original gift that will give them joy and will not be an ordinary, so-called "dust collector"? In this article, in a few words, we will tell you what will be a special, a gift to a high-end, which will be with a future marriage for long years, causing smiles on their faces.


1. foto picture on a canvas with a photo from a period of charity

It is known that in a marriage, in addition to joy, there are quarrels, that's why It is important that the spouses come back to thoughts until a moment when the beloved butterfly flew into the stomachAnd all emotions have been in the body. Such a continuous reminder can be a foto picture on a canvas from a photo from that time. Maybe a couple has any Common photos from a professional photo sessionand maybe she shared Photo from the engagement? Use this photo to turn it on a foto and find them during wishes. Surprising and smile on the face of a bride and groom guaranteed! Such a gift The wife will come to their home and thanks to him will remember this wonderful moment for years. Additionally In Gallarcie, we guarantee that live photographic colors will remain unchanged up to 100 years. For photo production We use the highest materials Quality What makes you get a professional and solid product that Ideally suited for a gift for such important celebrations and anniversaries.

2. Gallart gift card

Next An interesting proposal is Gallart gift card, which Allows you to give a stand-alone selection of photos that they want to replace in FotoObraiza on canvas. This is a great solution when you do not have the opportunity to get photos of a young couple but you want to give them the opportunity to have your own photo on canvas from your favorite photo. Just on our website Select the gift card value and pay the order. In an email, you will receive a code that entitles you to rebate in the amount of the paid value of the card and a file with a gift card that you can print. All you have to do is You enter the data of the persons you want to give the card and resize the discount code numberAnd your gift is ready to give. In this way A young couple will be able to turn into a foto on canvas, for example photos from his own wedding. Is this not the most beautiful souvenir?

3. foto picture with a chosen pattern

After the wedding, every young marriage arranges his own space in which a new stage will start in his life. So you can think about it Support them in interior design. If you know the taste of future newlyweds, You can choose images from the Premium Photos DatabaseThey perfectly fit into their favorite style. You can too put on universal motifs, for example, choose humorous subtitles and turn them on a foto-on canvas. In this way, a young couple will receive a high-quality photo picture on canvas that will become a wonderful element of many interior arrangements.